Fox Renews THE SIMPSONS, Water is Wet

the simpsons

In news that should surprise no one Variety reports that Fox has decided to renew animated juggernaut THE SIMPSONS for two more seasons. This renewal will bring the show’s total episode count to over 600, maintaining its status as the longest-running scripted TV show in the history of the medium.

THE SIMPSONS began its life as a series of shorts on THE TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW until being spun off into its own thing in 1989. Since then the show has won 31 Emmys, a Peabody award, and has even been turned into its own little area at the Universal Studios theme park in Florida. Simply put a world without THE SIMPSONS around almost seems wrong. Obviously the show will wrap up eventually but at this point it’ll only happen when the creators and cast want it to.

Question Time: Are you still a SIMPSONS fan or do you think it’s time for the show to ride into the sunset?


3 comments on “Fox Renews THE SIMPSONS, Water is Wet

  1. […] Fox Renews THE SIMPSONS, Water is Wet – Old news, but great headline. […]


  2. I think the show should have ridden off into the sunset years ago. The staff just doesn’t want to accept the fact that there are other shows on Sunday night that are better. Hell, even the old reruns of The Simpsons on FXX are better than their new dreck. This isn’t like Saturday Night Live where it sucks for a few seasons, then the cast and crew get replaced and voila, it’s funny again. The Simpsons peaked around season eight and have been on a decline ever since.


  3. […] SIMPSONS will be back for at least two more seasons but it looks like they’ll be doing it without one of their most important voice actors […]


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